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The VA Business Roadmap

Steps To Create a Profitable and Highly Successful Virtual Assistant Business

Becoming a Virtual Assistant can be a dream career for administrative professionals who want to earn an income from home; have a fulfilling business; yet still want the flexibility to attend to family matters whenever they need you.

If you’re like most of my clients, you may be looking for the perfect blend of good income, satisfying home business and increased family benefits. Perhaps you’ve heard about Virtual Assistance and want to find out more. Well, I may have the perfect solution for you. In our free video training series, you'll learn the 3 overall steps needed to build a successful virtual assistant business. Discover and learn…

  • What Virtual Assistance is & how it works
  • The benefits of becoming a VA
  • The single MOST important skill you need to make your VA busines a success
  • The 5 pillars to build a rock-solid foundation for your new business
  • The most common pitfalls that trap many aspiring VAs, but more importantly, how to avoid them
  • The fastest path to clients and income when you start up
  • The 3 KEY areas to focus on for creating a profitable and highly successful VA business
  • ...and many more

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Just take a look at what others have to say about this training...

GREAT VIDEOS! Congratulations on a job well done. Whilst I started my VA business in 2008 and did 2 years of research prior to registering my entity, the videos and the numerous resources you have provided have been an absolute help and I am excited at the prospects of the VA industry in SA and also thrilled to be part of this growing industry. The greatest thing about watching/listening to the videos is that I can identify with each and every aspect of the topics covered.

Yolanda Smith

Thanks for all the info – it is really great! It makes so much sense, I just never thought about it like that. Thank you for clarifying things in such an easy way.

Lize Botha

I want to congratulate you on the videos…it’s awesome. I am so grateful that there are people out there who is not afraid to share… it makes a huge different in the lives of all us newbies. To leave a permanent paying job for something like this takes a huge heap of faith and lots of prayers. Information like this makes it just easier to hold on that little longer and try that little harder. You are a star!!!!!

Nelmarie Gillett

WELL DONE!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for. We are EXTREMELY excited about this and I am going to share this wonderful training with all the VAs in our group. Thank you for the tips and information. It feels like I’m ready to take the VA-leg of my business to a whole new level. Again…congratulations!!! And thank you for your hard work and the passion that you portray to grow the VA industry in South Africa!

Yolande Koekemoer

Your training videos has given me more direction on how to begin my new VA business correctly. Also, it has assisted my husband with ideas for his small business (he was watching this over my shoulder). I think baby steps for me now – but of course with a BIG vision of success for the future. Thank you for your wonderful information.


Thank you for really great video’s! You really explain details of starting a business in the VA industry so clearly and I feel, are sharing experience with us that is so relevant. What you say about planning for your business is so crucial. Even though my business is in its infancy stage, I can see already that the 3 months I spent it planning and setting it up have played such a huge role in the image that my business projects to others. Most important is that I’ve learnt that I need to continuously look at what I’ve set up so far and work on to improve on it on a daily basis. Thanks for the great advice and time you spend to put together these awesome video’s.

Ma’ayan Jowell

Thank you for sharing so much information. This is an excellent way to present basic business principles in a short and highly understandable form. Your “steps to success” is not only relevant to virtual assistants, but can also easily be adapted to any other small business. I am positive if you can combine all these elements in a business, you can blow some life into it. I wish I had this perfect lay-out when I started up my business. I would have done things totally different. I hope people listening to these videos realize the immense value of the information you are giving them.

Mike Grobler

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privacy We value your privacy!