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Becoming a Virtual assistant is an exciting career.

It opens up limitless possibilities for individuals with administrative experience to start a successful and profitable business from home – especially if you want to be independent, create diversity in your work and want to be in control of your income.

Perhaps you have all the necessary skills and experience to deliver administrative or specialized services, but deep inside you feel a bit unsure if you will be able to make a success of this new business. Since this is the first time you step out on your own, you are also somewhat afraid because you do not have previous business experience and you don’t know where to start and what to do first.

But can I tell you a secret today? No matter what your previous business experience, passion, plans or dreams may be – you can become a successful business owner and experience a fulfilling and thriving VA career.

How do I know that? Because not too long ago, I was where you are at, right now!

How I Got Started...

When I stepped out of a corporate office to start my own business, I knew nothing about running a business from home. I didn’t know what the virtual assistant industry was, yet alone how on earth you deliver services via the internet.

I discovered virtual assistance by accident, but the more I read about it, the more I liked the idea of using my existing skills and experience to work from anywhere in the world, use the internet as medium and have clients from around the globe.

So, I jumped into the deep side and start swimming. At this part of my story, I however must admit that starting and running my own business from home was not the easiest journey. It took perseverance, hard work, confidence in myself and what I offer and the willingness to step out of my comfort zone and do what it takes. But being your own boss is certainly one of the most exciting experiences there is.

Today, I have a very successful internet business and made it my personal mission to help you shorten your learning curve by sharing my experience and knowledge with you in my new book Jumpstart your Virtual Assistant Business.

You Too Can Jump Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

Did you know that Virtual Assistance is often mentioned in Press Releases as a job category that is growing by leaps and bounds and is also considered as one of the new technological trends of how people will work in future?

Wow, it is such an exciting industry to be part of!

To help you become part of this industry, the information in the e-book Jumpstart your Virtual Assistant Business was designed to give you added confidence, as it provides practical knowledge and guidance on:

  • The requirements for starting a business effectively
  • The WHAT and the HOW of planning for your success
  • Effective marketing strategies to attract the right clients
  • How to run your business on a daily basis
  • How to balance business and family life

Just Follow The Step-by-Step Guide


As with many worthwhile things in life, starting a new Virtual Assistant business also has its fair share of stress involved. Questions such as...

Do I have what it takes?
Will I get past the humps?
Will I find clients?
Will I be able to make a good income and will I succeed?

...cross many entrepreneurs’ mind when they first start out.

Won’t it be comforting to know that someone can guide you through the maze of activities on your journey in becoming a successful Virtual Assistant business owner?

Jumpstart your Virtual Assistant Business proves to be just what you need. It is a step-by-step guide to keep you on track with all the business activities needed when becoming a Virtual Assistant. Jumpstart furthermore saves you a lot of time and effort in searching for all the relevant information yourself and will help you reap the benefits much faster.

What's Included In The
JumpStart your Virtual Assistant Business e-Book

Jumpstart does not only go into lots of details in showing you HOW to do things, it also gives you the opportunity to make notes and create plans as you work through the book.

IMAGINE reducing stress by knowing HOW to …

  • Evaluate if Virtual Assistance is really what you want to do
  • Set up all the different aspects of a Virtual Assistant business right from the start (such as choosing the right business name, office and equipment requirements, business structures, tax & insurance, documentation)
  • Determine your start-up costs
  • Use up to 11 different factors to determine your rates
  • Set your business goals and how to reach them
  • Write your own business plan from scratch
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy
  • Find a niche market
  • Get and keep clients by utilising different offline and online marketing methods
  • Develop a knockout website to capture the imagination of potential clients
  • Plan your daily routine to ensure optimum productivity
  • Grow your business
  • Balance your business and family life

...and much, much more.

Without realising it, the strategic planning of your business will unfold with each and every section you work through.

What Others Have To Say...

I have, as a business owner, received very little information or assistance when I initially set out on my own. Trudging through the muddy waters of establishing a business can be a rather daunting task without the guidance of those who have ‘been there’ and ‘done it all before’. You could say that I am still in the process of setting up my business regardless of the years that it had been running, simply by considering sections of this book that I have yet to explore in my business.

I hadn’t the slightest idea of the wonderful treasure that I would find between its pages. For the first time all the seemingly small, yet critical matters that I needed to take into consideration throughout the first years of my business were presented to me in a plain, easily understood and well thought through structure and format. This is the document I needed years ago when I took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

The joy of this E-Book is not just its simplicity, but also the fact that I had the feeling of being gently guided through the logical thought processes needed to start a business. If you are seriously considering embarking on the journey of Virtual Assistance, this guide is worth gold. You should not see this guide as an exhaustive compilation of ‘How To’ steps to success – rather view it as a roadmap which points to areas and concepts for you to analyse and consider in your own mind. How much of the map you choose to explore, and the detail and depth of exploration is up to you. But know this – the success of my business would have come much sooner if I had the benefit of a resource such as this E-Book to guide me in choosing my road.

Riaan Kirchner
BPO Optimisation Specialist

This easy to read e-book and information was more than I expected and covered areas that I would have never thought of. I am astonished with the detail of everything.

Because of not knowing what I needed, I would have had to learn by stumbling, wasting time and becoming discouraged. What seemed like an obstacle for me to start my own business, was laid out with such clarity. I’ve been very busy at work but am starting to get my office equipment into place. You also made me take a good look at myself and I realize I have the potential although there are still things that I can improve on.

The information in Jumps-start furthermore helped me to zoom into my strengths and weaknesses. I learned the importance of working with signed contracts and what I need to keep up with technology.

Thank you for the outstanding step by step information. I recommend the e-book to any new and aspiring VA. It has an uncomplicated approach to starting a business and prioritising the steps necessary to get started.

Gayle van Zyl
Virtual Assistant

Also Receive these Valuable Bonuses

1. Virtual Assistant Business Plan Outline: It contains all the elements that are needed for a professional business plan . Fill it in while you work through the e-book to have your Business Plan in hand in no time.

2. SWOT analyses Template: Determine your business strengths and weaknesses as well as new opportunities and possible threats that will impact on your business success. It is a valuable tool to help set you apart for your competition.

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It is my way of taking all the risk away from your purchase and it is my personal guarantee to you. Therefore, you really can’t lose. Just give it a try for 60 days totally risk free by clicking on the “buy now” button below.

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