Dear Virtual Assistant

When you are reading this, you are probably someone who is GREAT at what you do, but you haven’t mastered the marketing aspect of your business yet and feels frustrated by the results (or lack thereof) when marketing your business. You want to grow your business steadily and …

  • Want to attract more “ideal” clients to your business…
  • Need a sustainable income to pay the bills at the end of the month AND have some access money to spend on yourself or your loved-ones…
  • Wishes you could figure out your own niche and expertise in the marketplace that will get you clients effortlessly…
  • Wants to figure out exactly where to find your ideal clients
  • Wishes you knew the simple strategies needed to consistently market your services without the “selling” and have clients come to you instead of you chasing after them…


Most importantly, you want to continue doing what you love and make more money at it!

Then saying YES to the opportunity you’re reading about now is going to change the way you market and make money in your business, FOREVER.

Would you agree that…


One of your biggest challenges in finding clients is that you don’t really know EXACTLY where to start, what to do and how to do it effectively.


more clients in 30 daysWhen you consider everything that can be done to secure new clients it often becomes overwhelming and confusing.

It’s confusing because you’ve heard or read about all the different marketing strategies, but when you apply them in your business, you continue to get the same underwhelming and disappointing results and you just don’t know WHY?

The truth is: You should not feel bad about it, because it is not your fault!

Your experience and past training did an outstanding job at making you excellent in your field. Butnowhere in your previous career or even during formal education, did anybody tell you how to get clients for your own business.

Now, after starting your business for the first time, you are all alone trying to figure out how and where to find new clients, how to “sell” (ugh) your services, how to run a business successfully and how to make enough money to keep on doing what you really love.

Nobody ever told you the truth about all these challenges. So you’ve probably been running yourself ragged to try and figure out how to put all the pieces together and are probably thinking by yourself: “Finding clients can be tough”.

Let me however tell you a little secret today…


A large percentage of business owners are going about it all wrong. They are doing some of the “RIGHT THINGS”, but they unfortunately don’t do the “THINGS RIGHT”.


Here are a couple of things that hold business owners back from attracting a steady stream of good, “ideal” clients. Can you perhaps relate?

  • You are excellent at the services you deliver, but your marketing is not consistently done. As a business owner you have so many activities to take care of that your marketing is put on the back burner and you only crank out a few marketing activities when the time allows or the appointment book looks a bit empty.
  • You are not really sure who you should work with and who are those people that will get the best results from working with you. You’ve probably heard about finding a target market, but to be honest, you really do not want to limit yourself to just a small group of people in the fear that you will “loose money”.
  • You market your services widely to anyone and everyone who can make use of it, but often run into the problem that you still do not attract clients, mostly because people do not really “get” what you do or because your marketing message does not “speak” to them directly.
  • You are probably charging too low for your services and only attracts “heart-sinking”, non-ideal clients who do not want to pay you what you’re worth.
  • You sometimes find it difficult to confidently talk about your business and tell potential clients exactly how you can help them.


This all creates unnecessary stress in your life and results in constant struggles to get ahead in your business.

Pause a moment. Breathe. Really, take a deep breath. 


How would you feel if you can shave 3-5 years off your struggles and in just 30 days have a proven system that you can use over and over again to attract a consistent stream of “ideal” clients into your business, grow your income steadily and build a truly sustainable and profitable business?


It will feel pretty good, right?


I’ve been in business for 5+ years now and I know I’ve made all the marketing mistakes there are to make… more than once in some cases, until I made the decision that enough is enough and literally went on a quest to learn everything I could about getting clients authentically. I started to study marketing. I read every business and marketing book I could get my hands on, attended seminars, listened to “gurus” on the topic and implemented everything I learned. It all paid off and over time I created a system that works – a system that I can use over and over again to attract a consistent stream of “ideal” clients into my business. A system containing the shortcuts I wish someone had given me a few years back. Unfortunately, I took the long road to figure it all out. But you don’t have to!


The More Clients In 30 Days Program
Will Show You Exactly How YOU Can Do It TOO!


Finding the right clients doesn’t have to be tough. It CAN be easy and gun IF you follow the right process.

The key is to take it step-by-step.


Sandra made a list of her entire network and is in the process of signing on 2 new clients from that list.

Before I started this challenge, I didn’t know who I should work with and I had no clients. The steps you explained really clear up a lot of stuff and I now have a much better idea who my ideal client is. For me, one of the biggest benefits I got from this program was that I made a list of my entire network and it opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and people that can work with me. In fact, I am in the process of signing on 2 new clients from that list.

This program contained so much more info than I initially thought. The step-by-step process over the 30 days was really good. I am currently working through it again. My business changed in that I now have more focus to really get my business up and running.

Sandra Roodt
Stress Less VA


Mariaan found her target market, significantly improved her productivity and set up new client appointments

Before this training I target everyone. Now I only look for people in my niche market. This training gave me a better self-esteem and better results as I now know who I want to target and where to look for them. Especially the sections on preparing for the first client contact sessions, speaking to clients, and retaining clients was very valuable.

I significantly increase my productivity and established a better routine. No more appointments in the morning for non-business and marketing activites and I spend at least four hours a day marketing. I already have appointments set up to do trainings / workshops later in the month.

All entrepreneurs struggle to get clients in the beginning and to get into a routine and I would definitely recommend they do this program.

Mariaan Cronje
Epic for Business




Here Is Just A Sampling Of The Results You’ll Get Over The 30 Days.


I’ll show you how to…

  • Develop a business and marketing orientated mindset to help you take charge of your business, make better decisions and become your clients’ “equal partner”.
  • Create goals to keep you accountable in reaching the results you’ve set out for yourself.
  • Find and understand your “ideal” clients who will benefit most from working with you.
  • Discover what makes you different from your competitors so clients rather want to work with you.
  • Fine-tune your services so that you are perceived as being the problem solver to your clients’ needs.
  • Increase your rates and create service packages that make it easier for potential clients to work with you.
  • Develop a marketing message that will “speak” to your ideal clients and make them willing to work with you.
  • Identify and build your network of people who can become clients and / or referral partners.
  • Develop marketing materials that pull clients towards you and make it easier for them to start working with you.
  • Develop a process to connect and work with new clients.
  • Develop a system to convert potential leads into paying clients.
  • Create strategies to retain clients for longer and help prevent “re-inventing” the wheel over and over again.

And so much more…

Once you put all the steps into place, you’re on your way to getting all the clients you need! 
It’s simple, especially when someone shows you EXACTLY HOW.


How Quickly Can You Expect Results?


Obviously, this depends on how long you’ve been in business and how much you put into the assignments in the program. The key is taking daily action and implementing all the action steps and this program was created to make it super easy to implement.

Cindie found her niche market and feel more confident doing business

I would like to thank you for this incredible opportunity! I have had such a lovely “a-ha” moment, as I noticed that there seems to be very little services aimed at my target market. This is where my services come in! So, thank you for allowing me to find my niche market! I now feel much more confident in my business!

I enjoyed all the marketing aspects and particularly found the pull marketing concept interesting. All the tools I received via this training made me aware of the importance and the possibilities of marketing my business correctly to my niche market. The program stressed the importance of not focusing on everyone, but rather on a specific market ? which I found very useful.

Before I started this program, I was a bit unsure whether it could work, but this challenge has definitely proved to me that I can work smarter rather than harder, and that my efforts will pay off. Some of the challenges took me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every minute! It was a great success!

As a result of this program, my time wasters have been identified and modified. I spend less time “not being productive”, and more time on different ways to do marketing.

This is a fantastic program, and anyone wanting to start a business must do it!

Cindie Scheepers

Wendy signed on a new client for a long term period

The training gave me the opportunity to really think about what it is that I want, by defining what I do and who my ideal client is. Since taking this challenge and receiving feedback on my current situation, I’ve signed on a new client for a long term period. This helped to boost my confidence and reassure that I am on the right track.

I found the section on rates very beneficial. As a result of this training I can see improvements in my business in terms of how I structure my services to offer a service “value” package instead of an hourly rate package. I also spent more time looking at the qualities I would like in a client, and defining who I would like to work with.

I already achieved 2 of my 5 goals which I set at the beginning of the challenge. Also, the challenge does not end after 30 days because you can go back, re-work previous sections, and track your own performance. Thanks for everything.

Wendy Burger
Virtual Admin



So What Is The “More Clients In 30 Days” Challenge?


It is a complete step-by-step marketing and client attraction process to help Virtual Assistants and solo-prenuers who are serious about investing in themselves and who are willing to do what it takes, successfully build their businesses – one client at a time.

Here is what you get!


  • 30 Printable Once-a-day Lessons
    Each daily lesson contains a specific step in the process with explanations and examples to make it easy to implement in your business. You can print each lesson and compile your own “get-more-clients” manual to use over and over again.
  • Printable Worksheets
    Since this program is not just a bunch of theory, each daily lesson is accompanied with printable worksheets that you can use for doing and completing the daily action steps. These worksheets keep all your planning in neat order and help you easily review and reflect on previous steps to prevent re-doing and “re-inventing” the wheel over and over again.
  • “Done-for-You” examples and scripts.
    You’ll receive a number of done-for-you examples and scripts of client communications to help you save time and a lot of stress! This is the good stuff that has worked for me and for my clients, and I know they will work for you!


PLUS You’ll Get The following BONUSES…

Each bonus is handpicked to enhance your learning and maximise the benefits you’ll receive from this program.

  • Bonus 1: One-on-One Strategy Call:
    In this call, you’ll get to talk with me one-on-one and have the opportunity to pick my brain on any strategy / step from the More Clients in 30 Days program to help you get UNSTUCK, and move your business forward faster.
  • Bonus 2: A List of Industry Related Target Markets.
    This bonus contains more than 30 industry related target markets. The most successful small business owners understand that only a limited number of people will make use of your services. Your task is to determine, as closely as possible, exactly who those people are to ‘target’ your marketing efforts towards them. This bonus can help you with it.
  • Bonus 3: Rates Workbook.
    Determining accurate rates that reflect the value of what you deliver is crucial in any services business. This practical workbook takes the guesswork out of determining rates and helps you calculate accurate rates according to your own situation.
  • Bonus 4: Net-writing Masters Course: 
    The majority of websites does not hit the mark in terms of attracting clients. Well-written content that “speaks” to your visitors, gain their trust and fill you client pipeline is what this bonus is all about. This unique, informative Net-writing Masters Course will help you write excellent copy for your website to attract many more clients.
Linda is now running her business with a business orientated mindset instead of an employee mindset.

This program changed my employee mind set into a business orientated mind set and I now have a much better understanding of marketing.

Before I started with the program, I was caught up in the “time-for-money” trap and used to charge per hour for my services. Now I am in the process of working out service packages and also changing the services I currently offer. I really enjoyed this program, especially all the examples you give. I will definitely recommend this program.

Linda Smith
Uniquely Admin

Antoinette gained the confidence to talk about her business and found a new client.

Before working through this program I was just starting out with no clients, no income and no idea how to build my business or market it. I received SOOOOO many actionable tools and ideas that I put to work right away. I now have the basics in place and got a specific plan for how to market my business.

The examples and specific scripts was an absolute blessing! Some of the action steps took me out of my comfort zone, but I made appointments and attended two networking meetings already. I now have the confidence to talk about my new business (something that really lacked before) and even found an “ideal client”. I’m in the process of closing the deal now.

This program changed my life! I didn’t even apply all the action steps yet, but I already feel more confident when doing business and talking to people, just because I now know how to do it right. I’m so excited about my future!

Antoinette Strauss
Virtual Partner


If you’ve been scrambling “in the dark” to find clients and working too hard for too little return on your efforts, it’s time to break the pattern and get back to the basics.

The funny thing is that once you learn to do what works, you’ll find that you can actually do less and make more.

That is why I’m so excited to share this program, because it’s going to allow you to accomplish the things you need to do much faster – and at a much, much smaller investment.


Ok, Francis I’m Ready – What Is My Investment In This Program?


I want to help you get the clients part of your business rolling, and I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way – no matter what your financial situation may be. That’s why I’ve decided to make you an offer you couldn’t possibly refuse. I could easily ask hundreds of dollars for this 30 day program – and get it.

But I also know how difficult it is to start your own business for the first time: to turn your cents around – not because you want to, but because you just HAVE to. Thus, you can have this total program (to get to the next level of income in your business),for the crazy-low investment of only $97.


 Now ONLY $147   $97

I know, I know, this price is much too low for the amount of information and the value you will receive from this challenge!

Why am I so motivated to practically give away my best secrets?

Because I have a BIG mission. If I can help you get more clients, it means a lot more people are going to benefit from your service and we will create a ripple effect to grow the virtual services industry.

It may seem like a stretch, but I enjoy thinking BIG.


In addition to the ridiculously low investment, I’m also taking all the risk off your shoulders and putting it on mine with the…


“All Risk is on Me” Guarantee!


guaranteeBottom line: I stand behind my work..always, and I like to put my money where my mouth is.I’m confident that you are going to be beyond thrilled with what you learn.

So, you can take this total program for a test-drive and if, after implementing the action steps, you find that you are not happy with it, just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you will just love this process.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

As you can see, I’m putting everything on the line here to help you succeed, and succeed quickly. I know this program is EXACTLY what you need right now in your life.

Now, it’s really a no-brainer. I’m assuming all the risks, not you.

I’m ready. The question is . . . are YOU?

Are you ready to step up and make your dreams come true?

Claim your “More Clients in 30 Days” Program. Just take that first step, and I’ll meet you and take you by the hand.



Congratulations on taking this great step for your future!


To Your Succes!

Francis van Wyk
Your Virtual Assistant Mentor





PPS: Remember, you’re making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so grab this price while you can! You’ve got nothing to lose, so reserve your very own copy right now.





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