Thank you for investing in the Start from Scratch Program!

And congratulations on your smart decision!

I’m so excited that you’ve decide to sign up, because this training can potentially change your business (and life) around.

I’m sure you are excited about it, so here are all the program details!



We will use online technology like Google Hangouts or similar to have an interactive coaching and learning environment.


The training will be conducted on-line. I will send you all the details on how to prepare and access the training platform in a separate email.


Dates of Training: 20 & 21 March 2015
Venue: Your Own Home
Time: 9am – 5pm (every day)


What you’ll need to participate:

To participate and interact with me and the other participants, you’ll need as a minimum:
  • a computer with a speaker and microphone (a build-in camera is preferred, but optional),
  • fast internet access,
  • quiet room or place to sit,
  • pen and paper.


How the two days will be structured:

The 2 days will consist of:

  • short virtual coaching and information sessions;
  • action and implementation time to work on the information received
  • plenty of Q&A time where you can get answers on all your pressing questions

We will have several calls through-out each day.

I will teach for 15-20 minutes and then you’ll have time to apply and implement the information in your own business.

Then we’ll have another call with a brief check-in, plenty of Q&A time, a new teaching moment, and time to implement.

This process will repeat itself a number of times throughout the day to ensure you understand and can implement at the same time.

You are going to be amazed at what you can accomplish in those 2 days.


TAKE NOTE: All the coaching and teaching sessions will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend the full 2 days, you won’t miss anything and can catch up on your own time.



We will discuss and work on the following topics

DAY 1:

  • Know Yourself
  • Understand exactly what you want from your business (and life in general)
  • What is virtual assistance and how does it work
  • Determine the right services (for you) to deliver
  • In-demand services
  • Equipment needed
  • Naming your busines
  • Determining a business structure
  • Tax issues
  • Bank accounts and financial issues
  • Systems, procedures, policies needed to effectively operate your business on a daily basis
DAY 2:

Day 2 will be all about rates and getting clients

  • Most common mistakes VAs make when determining their rates and how to avoid it
  • How to determine your base rate
  • How to use your base rate in different situations
  • Factors influencing rates
  • Different pricing strategies
  • Stumbling blocks for getting clients
  • Determining your target audience
  • 3 Main ways to get all the clients you want
  • Different low cost marketing strategies to reach out to new prospects
  • How to prepare and conduct for the first client meeting to close the sale
  • We’ll work through a complete business start-up checklist to ensure you cover everything and are prepared for doing business


It will be 2 full days of virtual coaching and information sessions. There will also be plenty time for action and implementation where you will have time to work on the aspects we cover in the training and be able to ask me any questions that might come up.


Please try to be available for the full 2 days.

Thank you for choosing me as your mentor. I’m very excited to help you start your business!

Love and success!
Francis van Wyk

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If you have a question regarding the training, please send us an email to

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