Ready to Start a VA Business & Be In Charge Of Your Time & Income, While Working From Home?

Here’s my step-by-step, Start-from-Scratch System that lays out EXACTLY what to do to start a VA business and turn it into a profit-producer!

Dear Aspiring Virtual Assistant

If you are reading here, I know you are excited about starting your own VA business.

In my experience, starting a new business can be one of the most exciting, but also one of the most terrifying experiences of your life.

It’s exciting, because there are unlimited opportunities with what you can do and how BIG you can go.

But it can also be terrifying when you have lots of questions, and no answers. When you are not exactly sure WHERE to start and WHAT to do first, second or next. When you still try to figure out what services to offer; how to get all your processes and procedures in place; how to determine your rates and how to start getting your first clients?

I’ve been there too…and I know it can seem quite overwhelming.

But it is all doable!

You need the right steps, in the right order to create the success you want...

I’ve started my first business mid 2008 after our family relocated on an expat assignment from South Africa to Saudi Arabia. Coming from a corporate environment, I had no real knowledge about starting a business and I totally messed everything up. After about a year of real struggle I decided to start doing things differently.

I went on a study spree and gulped up any and every business and marketing course I could lay my hands on. Eventually things started to make sense for me and slowly, but surely the pieces started to fall into place.

I realized during that time that starting and running a business successfully is like opening a combination lock.


To open the lock you need to have all the numbers AND in the right order!

If you only have 1 or 2 of the numbers to a 3 number combination lock you still spend endless hours trying different combinations to unlock it - often without success.

Even if you have all the numbers to the combination lock, but not the right order, you might still be unable to unlock the damn thing.

It’s the same with business.

You need to implement the right steps and you need to do it in the right order to create the success you want.

A Successful VA Start-Up Requires 3 Steps...

What I learned over the years is that there are really only THREE all-encompassing steps to starting your business and making it a huge success. These steps are:

Step1: Take care of YOURSELF - in order to make the right decisions, to give attention to the things that matter most,  and to be motivated to keep on moving forward.

Step2: Take care of your BUSINESS - in order to run your business more effectively and to have more fun with it.

Step3: Take care of your CLIENTS - in order to attract them easily, to give them what they want and need, and to build long lasting client relationships

All three of these: You, Your Business and Your Clients must be in balance to run a well-rounded business.


So, is there a system or program that can help you create the balance between all three these steps to ensure your VA business startup is as effective and smooth as possible?  Especially if this is the first time you venture out on your own and don’t have all the business related knowledge, yet?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…..


Introducing the START FROM SCRATCH Program

Start from Scratch Program

An easy to follow, systematic, and step-by-step program that delves deep into each of the 3 steps to ensure your business start-up is as effective and smooth as possible.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of how the Start-from-Scratch Program can help you…

Step 1: Take Care of YOURSELF...

Most aspiring Virtual Assistants come from an office administrative background, and moving from a protective employee environment into business owner status can be pretty intimidating for many.

Common struggles include things like:

  • Fear of change – should I wait for a better time to do it?
  • Fear of failure – will I be able to do it? What if it doesn’t work out?
  • Fear of rejection – will I get clients, I’m not the marketing type?

And a gazillion other fears, false beliefs and objections that are keeping them back from starting out strong.

To cope and overcome these, it is extremely important to understand yourself, and TAKE CARE OF YOU, FIRST.

ONLY when you understand who you are as a person, what you are willing to do, what you want in life and why you want it, you’ll be able to create the business success you want. This kind of knowledge helps you change behaviors that don’t suite you. It directs your thoughts, plans, behaviors and actions to achieve those things you want.

In the Start From Scratch Training you’ll…

  • Get to know YOU better, so you can feel much more confident about starting your new business and getting clients.
  • Get clarity on what you REALLY want – professionally in your business and personally in your life. This provides the motivation for achieving your dreams.
  • Take stock of ALL your marketable skills so you can confidently decide what services to offer to clients.
  • Identify the skills you are good at AND enjoy doing – so you can convert them into profitable services.
  • BONUS: Discover the best in-demand services that can lift your business up above the crowd.

Step 2: Take Care of Your BUSINESS...

Once you’ve made the decision to start your business, it’s important to get everything in place to perform business effectively and confidently.

In the Start From Scratch Training you’ll…

  • Get your office and equipment sorted out.
  • Understand the legal and tax requirements for performing business.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes people make when setting their rates.
  • Understand what people are really paying for.
  • Understand different factors that impact on how you set your rates.
  • Understand different strategies to charge for your services.
  • Determine rates that reflect your unique situation and return a profit to your business.
  • Set up different policies, processes and systems (i.e billing systems, accounting system, client management system etc.) to effectively handle the day to day actions of your business.
  • BONUS: Complete Start up Checklist to create very specific and clear goals for starting your business quickly, but effectively.

Step 2: Take Care of Your CLIENTS...

No business can survive without clients. Knowing WHO you want to work with, WHERE to find them and HOW to reach them saves countless hours of wasted time and a whole lot of heartache.

In the Start From Scratch Training you’ll…

  • Understand what keeps VAs from marketing and getting clients – especially when they are just starting out.
  • Learn how to overcome those marketing obstacles so you can market like a pro, from the start.
  • Learn where to start with marketing and getting clients.
  • Determine who you want to work with.
  • BONUS: Discover more than 120 specific target markets – people who use the services of Virtual Assistants so you can easier identify who you want to work with.
  • Learn to best 3 ways to do marketing to get all the clients you want.
  • Discover various low cost marketing strategies to effectively attract your first clients.
  • Learn how to prepare for and conduct the first meeting with a potential client to turn this prospect into a paying client.
  • …and much more

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt starting up a VA business without having this 3 Step Start-from-Scratch Plan and the accompanying templates and scripts, as this will save you time and ensure you’ll get better results from the start.

All the training are in video format that you can listen to on your own time.

“I was just starting out with no clients, no income and no idea how to build my business or market it. I received SOOOOO many actionable tools and ideas that I put to work right away. I now have the basics in place and got a specific plan for how to grow and market my business. This program changed my life! I didn’t even apply all the action steps yet, but I already feel more confident when doing business and talking to people, just because I now know how to do it right. I’m so excited about my future.”

- Antoinette Strauss, Virtual Partner

And because I want to make absolutely sure you have everything you need to get started, you’ll also get the following additional...


Bonus #1: Virtual Assistant Documentation:

With the VA business documentation pack, there is no more re-inventing the wheel and spending weeks of your valuable time to develop, format and write your own business documentation. With these easy customizable, fill-in-the-blank-templates and scripts for planning and running a VA business daily, you can save money, increase your productivity, look like a savvy and professional business person to your clients and be in business much faster.

(Value $112)

The Start from Scratch Program is for You IF…

  • You’re brand new in business – recently left your job or want to leave your job to start a VA business;
  • You’re a go-getter and action-taker;
  • You’re willing to do the work required to move forward;
  • You want a proven step-by-step system to show you the road for getting your business up and running faster, than doing it on your own.
  • You want answers to all your pressings questions.

On the other hand, you really will NOT be a good candidate for the Start From Scratch Program if you…

  • Are looking for a ‘magic-pill’, instead of embracing what it takes to build the foundation for a truly successful and sustainable business today.
  • Simply aren’t ready to do the work required to get where you want to go with your business.
  • Aren’t willing to invest in your business, with your time and your money.
  • Don’t understand that I am the match but you are the flame, that I’ll help you get started but it’s your responsibility to keep the flame burning.

“Yes, Francis, I’m a good fit!
What’s my investment to join the
Start from Scratch Program?”

Now, when I thought about pricing this program, I could easily sell it for $497. And if you think about the value of starting your business as quickly as possible, it can even sell for more, because the sooner you’ve sorted out all your start-up activities, the sooner you can be in business, and the sooner you will start working with clients. With only 1 client, you’ll get a big return on investment (ROI) - and with every additional client, the value just stack up.

BUT, I want to make it available at a ridiculously low prize because I want to make sure this is a no-brain offer. I do not want anything to stand in your way because I want you to give yourself the permission to put your business on the fast track….

So for, only $197, you’ll get instant access to the training, the step-by-step plan, PLUS the exact templates and scripts to start your VA business with confidence, flair and success.

The value you’ll receive is many times that of this ridiculously low price, but I want to make it as affordable as possible to give more people the opportunity to create a lucrative VA businesses.

Carjolein started part-time and had her first clients within 1 month

“Like a lot of people I had a ‘dream/idea’ of being my own boss but I never knew how to go about it or if it was possible. Working with Francis turned a vague ‘dream/idea’ into a workable plan and has given me confidence that it is achievable.

The skills and tools Francis provides has helped me to quickly and effectively identify and become clear on the steps I have to follow to plan my business, identify clients and their needs and promote myself in the most effective way.

I started my new business part-time, had my first clients within the first month and made my investment back with my first client. I plan to have my business at a level where I can pursue it full-time before the end of the year.

- Carjolein Nortje

Here's How to Get Started

  • The 3 Steps to Successfully start my VA business from scratch
  • 18+ In-depth Training Videos
  • Worksheets and practical Action Steps to ensure fast progress
  • Multiple Scripts & Templates to save time and not re-invent the wheel
  • PLUS the BONUS VA Documentation Pack ($112) to ensure I have everything needed to start my business successfully

I understand I'm covered by Francis’s risk-free money back guarantee… Thank you for that reassurance!

Yes! I’m ready to invest in the START FROM SCRATCH TRAINING right now for  $497

ONLY $197

You’re Covered By My Personal “All-the-Risk-Is-On-ME” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

guarantee3I invite you to say YES to yourself and to the program.

I’m 100% confident that after you apply the steps in the Start From Scratch program, you’ll be on track to build a solid, professional and profitable business. And I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to invest in this opportunity to start your business.

So this one is really simple. I’m taking away all of the risk.

You have access to the full training AND all the Bonus Documentation and can start implement it in your own business. If within 30 days, you feel that you are NOT in a position to confidently start your business, or this training doesn’t live up to what is promised here, just let me know and I’ll give you a 100% refund. 

This “All-the-Risk-Is-On-ME” guarantee is my way of taking ANY worry off your shoulders about making this important decision.

That’s how much I stand by this information, and how much I believe in YOU to create success with this program.

How long will it take to get access to this training?

Immediately…ok, perhaps about 5 minutes 🙂

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide.

So, I hope you’ll join me in the trainig and I’m looking forward to see you on the inside.


If you are ready to commit to yourself and to your new VA business, act now and get step-by-step guidance to start your business successfully.

Everything you want to create in your life begins with one thing – a decision.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to make the decision.

So let’s get you started right now…… I’m really looking forward to working with you!


To Your Success!
Francis van Wyk
Your Business and Marketing Mentor





PS: Remember you invest in this program at absolutely no risk. You are covered by my 30 Days, No Questions Asked, “All-The-Risk-Is-On-ME” Guarantee


“Francis, thanks so much – I’ve been in business for myself for the last 5 years, but listening to your videos gave me so much insight into improving my existing business as well as acquiring the added skills to be successful and make it happen in my VA Business. With so much trial and error, money wasted to try and get it working, your steps to a successful business explained it all so effectively.  Thanks and thanks again!”

- Joan Maree, Ethan Promotions

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