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These initial stages - where you are either thinking about starting your own VA business or are already busy with getting things up and running  - are crucial.

This is the time to make important decisions that will impact on what you do, and how you run your business in future.

What you need to focus on right now…

…is setting up your systems and procedure and doing some planning to get clear about what you want from your business; what services to deliver and to whom you should deliver those services.

At the same time it is important to look at pricing structures and to determine accurate rates that return a profit to your business.

Then it is about keeping your focus and taking action to implement the systems and processes as soon as possible. This will enable you to move your business forward quickly, yet comfortably so you feel more confident in delivering services and can start shifting your focus to getting more clients, earning a sustainable income and building a profitable business.

I want to help by sending you relevant information - hints, tips and ideas - that I know will help you with making decisions that are best for your business and your situation.

So, keep your eyes on your inbox. Let's build a strong foundation for your business!

To Your Success!

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Francis van Wyk

Be Virtual Assistant Wise

Here's how to ensure you don't miss anything...


If you want to get the most from the emails I send you, we have to make sure they actually get through to you. The best way to do that is "whitelist" and prioritise them in your email system.

So here's what you can do to prevent the emails getting lost or dropping through the cracks:

1. Follow the whitelisting instructions for your email provider at this page: Whitelisting Instructions.

2. If you're a Gmail user or you use any other web-based email that filters broadcasts away from your main inbox, be sure to "drag" any emails from "Francis van Wyk" into your Priority Inbox to make sure you don't miss anything important

3. Create a special "Francis van Wyk" folder on your email system where you can archive emails from me after you've read them. It's best not to set up automatic filters as they'll get filed before you read them and that tells your email system to start ignoring them.

I appreciate you won't necessarily have the time to read all my emails, but if you follow those 3 steps it should ensure you don't miss the vital ones and can always go back to those you missed.


NOTE: Don't worry, you won't miss on any information with this preference. As long as you are part of my community, and as you progress with your business , you will automatically move along the system to receive information that is relevant to VAs that are already longer in business. But for now, we have to start at the beginning so that you don't create big gaps in your business foundation. 🙂