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Dear New VA

Ever felt like you’re drowning in all the activities of starting your Virtual Assistant business: getting your planning and business processes sorted out, drafting your documents, marketing and getting clients, performing services and staying on top of your own admin?

It’s a fine juggling act to keep all the balls in the air.

But you do not have to struggle on your own.

With the all inclusive VA Business Documentation Pack,  there’s a lot less to stress about. Start enjoying the satisfaction of owning a profitable Virtual Assistant business, yet still have the time to spend with your family or fill your business with clients.


Set Up Your Business Quickly, Easily and Professionally

This easy to use Virtual Assistant business documentation pack contains detailed, fill-in-the-blank-templates for planning and running a VA business

All documents are quick to download and don’t need business or technical know-how to use.

Just customise with your own details and…


Be in business much faster than anyone who has to do it from scratch


Best of all, immediately look like a savvy and professional business person to your clients.


These Documents Will “Save You Time”

By using the Virtual Assistant business documentation pack, you will save weeks of hard work to get everything in place before opening your doors for business.

There is no need to spend endless hours searching for the correct documentation to use and no need to research different formats, writing your own scripts and setting it up yourself.

Everything is already incorporated.

Now you have the opportunity to rather spend your precious time on the things that matter in life such as:

  •  Having quality family time and / or
  •  Building your business


These Documents Will “Save You Money”

Let me ask you a question:


“What Is YOUR Time Worth?”


OK, let’s be fair here. You probably think that is will be much cheaper to do it all on your own. Well certainly, you can invest lots of time and spend endless hours searching for the relevant information to create your documents and it won’t cost you a cent.

But unfortunately, that is not entirely true. It will in actual fact cost you a lot of money. Let me explain.

Say for example, you charge an hourly rate of $10 when you work with clients (NB: Take note, this is only an illustrative rate and not an actual rate.). Thus, if your fees are e.g. $10/h and it takes you 10 days (or 80 hours) to develop all your documentation, it will (in effect) cost you $800 to develop those documents.

Now, obtaining your entire documentation needs in a “ready-to-use” format will save you minimum 80 hours of your time as well as $800 in opportunity cost. 


Opportunity cost is the money you could have earned if you had the OPPORTUNITY to use your time to earn an income.


Therefore, don’t you agree it makes business sense to rather spend your time and energy in getting clients and building your business instead of struggling to get your documentation in place?


These Documents Will “Increase Your Productivity”

Starting a business can be pretty intimidating and stressful – too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Having your documentation in place early on, lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. It gives you the energy and productively to focus on the important aspects of your business: Getting clients, delivering excellent services and earning an income.


Let’s hear what others have to say…

I can vouch for the EXCELLENT and most useful documents that I’ve downloaded from your website. I was initially not sure whether it will be worth the while but what I received was worth at least double the price.
Yolande Koekemoer
Ayoba Concierge


If I can mention time; it saved me weeks, it could be longer and that is only to develop my business plan. I am so proud of my very professional Business Plan! With the help of Be Virtual Assistance Wise my confidence in making it out there as a VA has grown and something that was just a dream has become a reality for me. Thanks to everyone at Be Virtual Assistance Wise!
Dandalene Robinson
DCR Virtual Assistance


I cannot even begin to work out how much the documentation has saved me in time and money. I do know however that without it I would most definitely not have been able to start my business and the price is so small compared with what I would have had to pay a professional to work it all out for me. Without it I would not have known where to start and my business would have never got off the ground. Now I have everything I need for business.
Charlotte Havenga
Legal Secretarial Services & Virtual Assistant


Prior to acquiring the documents, I sourced a lawyer and accountant however the resources provided by BVAW has saved me at least R500 per month
Yolanda Smith
Hard Hat Admin & Logistics Services cc


The documentation has made my life very much easier in that I have not had to try and figure this all out on my own. Without the documentation I would not have known where to start.
Charlotte Havenga
Legal Secretarial Services & Virtual Assistant



Can you afford NOT to make this investment in your business today?



The VA Documentation Pack Contains…

Professional Business Contracts


Operating your business with contracts will:

  • * Ensure your business is protected from any worst case scenario;
  • * Ensure you and your clients are on the same wavelength with regards to the work being done;
  • * Prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and legal actions between you and your clients.

Thus, you don’t have to pay extraordinary legal fees to develop contracts for your business from scratch. This alone will save you a lot of money.

In addition, using these contracts in your business will heighten your reputation and credibility and clients will respect you as a professional.

Business Planning Documentation


You will receive an easy-to-follow “how-to guide” for planning your business. Learn fast and effortless from actual step-by-step examples how to create a very professional business plan.

As well as how to create business goals promptly to set you up for continued success.

Use the Business Plan to:

  • * Secure funding for your business (if needed) or
  • * Remind you constantly of the success route you’re taking.

Accompanying the business plan are …

Financial Spreadsheets


With these easy, fill-in-the-blank spreadsheets you can plan your start-up expenses to know exactly how much money is needed to get your business off the ground.

Furthermore, use these spreadsheets to automatically calculate your monthly income and expenses and keep up to date with what is happening on the financial side of your business.

At the end of the year, simply send this information to your auditor and use it to complete your tax returns.

Rates Calculation Spreadsheet


With the effective Rates Calculation Spreadsheet you can:

  • * Easily determine an accurate hourly rate;
  • * Instantly know how much hours you need to work and
  • * Know how much income you need to generate to cover all your costs and make a profit.


By having a competitive hourly rate that covers all your expenses as well as returning a profit to your business, you can pay all your bills AND still have money to buy extras for you and your family.

SWOT Analyses Template and Exercises


With the SWOT analysis template and exercises you can effectively determine:

  •  The strengths of your business to maximise the value you deliver to clients;
  •  The weaknesses to discover areas for further development;
  •  New opportunities for growing your business and
  •  Looming threats to react proactively


The real beauty of the template and exercise is that you can apply the information to your business and take the necessary actions to create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

The Business Documentation Pack furthermore contains….

Templates for…

  •  Tracking time spend on projects;
  •  Tracking client information;,
  •  Creating quotations, invoices and receipts and
  •  Various types of letters.

These templates are greatly effective. Just fill in the required details and everything is calculated automatically. Keep track of your time with the click of a button, calculate the hours spend per client effortlessly and send accurate invoices to your clients – from day 1.


All Documentation Easy To Use And Fully Customisable

In fact, you can change and customise all these documentation, templates and contracts to fit your own business brandand have professional documentation ready in minutes – not hours or even days.

And because you don’t have to suffer the time and frustration of getting it all in place on your own, you’ll be in business in no time.

By using professional documentation you win the respect of your customers, improve your credibility and enhance your own confidence in working smoothly with clients.


So, What Is Your Investment?

The Virtual Assistant documentation pack costs ONLY $112 – a very reasonable price for getting your business off to a flying start and best of all, you can get this initial investments in your business back with your very first client.


And because you won’t make expensive mistakes,
you’ll be making money, not spending it….


Virtual Assistant resources Virtual Assistant Business Documentation

Price: $112


My guarantee to you

I’m so confident you will be satisfied and experience great value from these documentation that you can use it risk free for 30 days.

Within 30 days, you will know for certain if it is everything you want for your business. And if for any reason whatsoever, you are not satisfied, just send me an email and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

So, you have absolutely no risk in buying this. I’m so confident you will love these documentation that I’m willing to take all the risk.




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