Virtual Research Assistant

A Virtual Research Assistant usually has a tertiary qualification and adequate research experience to assist professionals with research on any specific academic and/or informational topic.

The difference between an administrative VA and a research VA is that while an administrative assistant usually handles a number of different tasks, a research VA only focuses on the requested research topic.

Before contracting with a VA it is necessary to ensure s/he has sufficient knowledge of the terminology of the specific research field.

Who can Benefit from these Services

  • Graduates
  • Post graduates
  • Universities
  • Businesses owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Services Provided

Services can include but are not limited to the following examples

Develop research protocol
Develop a research survey, questionnaire
Web / journal / literature / academic research on any required topic
Trends analyses
Qualitative and quantitative research
Data collection
Data Tabulation
Statistical analyses
Maintain research databases
Prepare research reports, presentations and publications

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